Playgrounds for children, adults and families.
Playgrounds for Children, adults and families.

Playground Ideas

Natural grass

Top dress and fertilise natural grass in its growth times, over sow with a blend of grasses to maximise growth when one is dormant. Good aerated soil and water are most important for a healthy natural grass.

Artificial grass

The new natural looking artificial grass is the answer where natural grass just won’t grow, this grass has a long pile and looks like freshly mown lawn all the time.

Artificial Grass comes in many colours, which adds interest and defines areas in a playground.

Blue grass around a boat will add another dimension to children’s play. Create a language or group time area with coloured shapes.

Natural & artificial rocks

add another dimension to a playground. Natural or artificial rocks can be used to create a wonderful looking environment. Natural rock placed in a playground area can add to the overall look and feel of the environment. Artificial rock gives great flexibility in size, shape and can be used to cover unsightly and dangerous items in playground areas. A nonslip rubber rock with an earthy colour can make an unsafe area safer, adding to a playground environment.

Water management Catch and save your water in tanks for Drip and spray irrigation. This way you will beat restrictions and maintain a beautiful garden, also with an automatic timer system you will only use the water needed.

Gardens should screen and define areas, provide spaces to encourage children to be in touch with nature. Our sensory gardens use colour, fragrance and textures to make it the perfect nature trail.

A Bird bath can add to your garden by attracting local bird life.

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