Playgrounds for children, adults and families.
Playgrounds for Children, adults and families.

Playground Consultancy

…an essential step.

We believe effective communication is the key to productive planning. Then, with quality products and service your goals will be achieved.

A consultancy will give you priceless information relating to the planning and development of your playground.

This includes:
• A positive mindset on approaching your project.
• Centering on children’s developmental needs.
• Understanding of Regulations and licensing issues.
• Knowledge of support services available.
• Advice on the most effective products & materials.
• Identifying potential safety issues and hazards.
• Recommendations for a holistic approach to the outdoor environment.
• Emphasis on supporting staff supervision.
• Innovative steps for short and long term goals.
• Strategies for the implementation of your vision.

There are many aspects to a playground environment. Although concepts may be similar to other playgrounds, yours will be unique.

Consultancy for playground development is enhanced when all who are to be involved are invited by the client to attend the consultancy.

Invest in your children's learning environment.

The value of a consultation is worth more than the investment.

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Consultancy for building playgrounds