Playgrounds for children, adults and families.
Playgrounds for Children, adults and families.

Playground Project Funding Information

Since 2000 most of our work has been through supporting organisations with grants.

Most grants come by suprise and have to be dealt with quickly. Here are some tips on how to find, act on and deal with them.

We have been very successful in defining concepts and adding vision to playgrounds so that clients can express it clearly on applications for funding.

By supporting and giving some priceless guidance the chances of a successful application is higher.

Firstly, we need to eliminate any skeptical mind sets that we may have in regards to funding in general. We need to believe we can be given help in whatever form that's best for the situation.

Secondly, a positive mindset is a good start to attract help with your playground development. After all it's for the children in your care isn't it? And you've had help before, haven't you? And you know of places that have been given money for works before, don't you?. You can be next! can't you?

There really are organisations that want to help you with your situation whatever that is!

Let's move forward. In finding grants for Childcare your Doc's adviser should be up to date with grants available to your organisation. Ask them to notify you when grants become available to your service.

Primary and high schools should be in touch with local members & councils to be aware of grants available.

There are many ongoing grants available from many organisations. They want to give you the money, you just need to meet the criteria. The time you spend on the paperwork, when you receive the money, will be the easiest money you have ever attracted. When you do the paperwork, explain & show your needs clearly. Good photos of bad areas, will do wonders.

Contact the support person for the grant to obtain inside info on how to word and complete the important details.

 Alway's remember!

"They want to give you allocated funds for your worthwhile project".

Contact us for assistance with your grant process NOW!