Playgrounds for children, adults and families.
Playgrounds for Children, adults and families.

Planning and Safety

Planning Concept Plans
A concept plan is an invaluable tool for planning a playground both short and long term. It has proved to be useful for directors, staff, parents, DOCS, OH&S, and others, allowing them to be involved in the planning process. The concept plan will show existing aspects to be retained and future aspects of the playground as discussed and agreed upon by the clients. This promotes a safer and more practical outdoor playground environment. They give an overall view of how the playground will look. It will ensure that all aspects link and flow smoothly. A concept plan also allows for the construction to be completed in stages or in full as your budget allows. It promotes goals for fundraising and can be priceless in obtaining grants or funding required. By investing in a concept plan it will provide the total costing of your project.

• Not to Scale Concept Plan
This concept plan is usually A3 and contains all aspects of a playground including individual items as discussed in conjunction with clients. A quick and effective way to provide solutions.

To Scale Concept Plan
This concept plan is usually A2 1:100 or 1:50 depending on the size of the playground. This is a workable plan and all items noted can be measured from existing structures. The planning and development of this plan is more in depth than the not to scale concept plan.


"We understand the need for safety and supervision."

Our playgrounds are safe and practical with each set up giving attention to traffic areas, access, evacuation and hygiene issues.

- Fence screening
- Rubber surfacing
- Soft fall
- Sand pit covers
- Shade structures
- Bumper pads

Fence screening is imperative for chain wire fencing, so that children cannot get a foothold. It also provides added privacy and is great for busy roads, by partially blocking it out.

Rubber surfacing gives protection to children. It can cover concrete, rocks around sandpits and can add colour as well.

All movable and fixed climbing equipment over 500mm high needs a soft fall surface underneath with relative dropfall rating.

Sun protection is vital in our hot summer months. Shade covers and structures come in many sizes to cover soft fall areas; fixed equipment, sand pits, and water play areas. Our covers are made from strong durable material with a variety of colours and UV protection.

Bumper pads protect children from running into poles.

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