Playgrounds for children, adults and families.
Playgrounds for Children, adults and families.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is imperative for busy staff. We define borders and edges, control excess water and loose materials, cover sandpits and mulch gardens. The materials available today allow for a good range of low maintenance options.

Natural grass is great if it adds to your playground environment, although if you have to replacing it every year, in shady or busy areas where it just won’t grow.

Then the new natural looking ARTIFICIAL GRASS is the answer, it will win every time for low maintenance, this grass has a long pile and looks like freshly mown lawn all the time, no bugs, sprays or fertilisers and it  looks great and never needs mowing.

Rubber surfaces

Rubber surfaces are low maintenance and are easily cleaned. 


A low maintenance garden needs good soil, plants appropriate for the area and a boarder to contain the mulch material.  

Mulch material

Mulch should be laid around 100mm thick. Some mulch materials break down quickly, so for low maintenance choose materials that takes a long time to break down e.g. Pine bark or similar, stones and rubber.

Automatic Watering systems save on watering time in a playground and reduce water usage.


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